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Sorting by 'Title' instead of 'Name'


We are currently running the version of the Wiki, so it is a bit outdated.

I recently discored that the wiki-system sorts the pages by their "Name" instead of their "Title" (Both which can be found in the "IndexDocument" table in the designated Wiki-database).

While sorting the results correctly on the "all pages"-page, it does not sort the pages into the right "all page"-page.

That means that if I create a new page, with the name "Internal Access", which will show up on 50-100, under "I", and later rename the page to "Access Internal"; then it still shows up on 50-100, but creates an "A" catagory, where the renames page will be placed.

Can I somehow change how it sorts, or is this fixed in the current release?

Thanks in advance.