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Screwturn Wiki to use existing database


I recently moved my screwturn installation to a completely new environment (site on new IIS/server and database moved to new SQL Server).
I can succesfully open the Screwturn wiki but instead of using the existing database (that I configured in the web.config), Screwturn wants to create the DB from scratch and hence states the error that certain tables already exist in the DB.
If I create a blank DB and use this in the web.config, Screwturn will happily create its tables and use that DB. Of course, that's not what I want, I want it to use the existing, moved DB on the server.
Is there a way to tell Screwturn not to create the DB and simply "use" the existing one?
If this is not possible, are there scripts available to copy the content from the old DB to the new one (simply copying it with SQL Servers Import/Export feature gives errors (logical) that certain fields cannot be created as that will cause PK violations.
All help is welcome!
Best regards,