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'Invalid Email address' in User profile


I currently have installed on a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (in case the OS matters).

I haven't installed because I'm a Mac user and not very familiar with the Windows OS, so upgrading installations on a Windows server is daunting stuff, probably resulting in me doing more damage than good (though if some kind soul wants to guide me via say TeamViewer I'd welcome that with open arms if there's a chance that an update will solve the problem described below).

If I log into a User account then go to User Profile, the email address field doesn't retain the email address inserted at set up. The email address content flicks back to 'admin', and displays the error 'Invalid Email address'.

However if I log in as an admin User, go to User Accounts, the email address for the User is retained as originally input, no error.

A clue to this might be the fact that if I look at the Configuration > General Configuration, the SMTP user name doesn't seem to accept a full email address, which is what I believe the email server requires (at least it does for any ordinary email account which is set up). The SMTP user name I need to enter is admin@domain, however STW seems only to want to retain admin.

Updates of Wiki pages to Users ceased a long time ago. I have no idea why, but after attempting all kinds of fixes via the Configuration panel, I gave up. But I suspect all of these problems are related.