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Search terms need rebuilding, but rebuild doesn't work


Any time i search in my screw turn wiki, i get no results, however I do have meta keywords in all of my wikis. Even when searching for the description, i get nothing. I've tried to rebuild search terms, but that didn't seem to work. I read that someone else had this issue with the new version, so I tried rolling back to the previous version of screwturn and then rebuilding. This was also unsuccessful.

Any suggestions how I can successfully rebuild my search terms so when I search for something, my Wikis are returned?

Thanks a lot!


dougknudsen wrote Dec 17, 2013 at 4:03 PM

Have you tried to increase your max execution runtime value in web.config?

From web.config file:
        <!-- Execution Timeout default is 110 seconds. Increase it to several hours when migrating data between providers
             or when rebuilding the search engine index or page links.
             1 hour = 3600 seconds. -->
<httpRuntime executionTimeout="360000" maxRequestLength="1000000" />

wkrzystek wrote Dec 18, 2013 at 10:12 PM

I had a similar issue where my index was incomplete - only pages that started with "O" or lower were indexed. When I looked into the log, I found a SQL deadlock and a Page record created without a PageContent record. This aborted the index build at that point so nothing after that was indexed. I deleted the orphaned page record and then the rebuild worked successfully for all pages.

Check out my post on StackOverflow for more details. Hope this helps.