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Manually adding Namespaces and pages for a LocalFilesProvider (v3)

Jul 23, 2014 at 4:21 AM
So. Let's say you've been given a chunk of pages, and you're looking for a way to import them into your wiki, and there's no import feature that you can find.

Do the following:

Manually create an entries in the following files:

Namespaces.cs : {newnapespace}|{newnamespace}.MainPage
Config.cs : Theme-{newnamespace} = Default-v2 (or whatever)
Links.cs : {newnamespace}.MainPage|
Pages.cs : {newnamespace}.MainPage|{newnamespace}\MainPage.cs|2014/07/22 22:17:58

{newnamespace} is the name of your new namespace
MainPage is the MainPage of the namespace
2014/07/22 22:17:58 is the creation date for the page
and where there is an entry in Pages.cs for each page added. Not so sure about Links.cs

Also create the following files (copy from other namespaces) in the public folder:


If anybody knows of an easier method, please let us know.